The Most Ancient


The Most Ancient Land depicts the journey of a filmmaker who, as a human being living on earth, looks for the most ancient places in order to know better himself, and studies the history and myths of those places.

He meets people, their traditions, and their ethnic customs on his way and portrays scenic images. Every chapter of the series is about the culture, history, and different background of a region. The regions include Mazandaran, Khorasan, Azerbaijan, Gilan. The fascinating series consists of 4 chapter of about 45 minutes’ length in total.

The first chapter depicts Mazandaran in the north of Iran, and the viewers see the places where they had handicrafts 400,000 years ago, wheat was cultivated 13,700 years ago, and there are skeletons that date back to 7000 to 10,000 years ago, while 25 hectares of the area has not been excavated yet.

The filmmaker enters a cave whose bottom pebbles belong to the Ice Age. He reaches a palace built 300 years ago; a magnificent palace that is under water for 9 months of the year and above water for 3 months. In the series, the viewers see the dances, music, and the merrymaking of the people, their food, and the culture of the region.

Tourists, archaeologists, history fans, students of architecture, history, and cinema, in addition to the public and all people who like the wonders of the world will be the audience of the series.

Iran is an old country with ancient culture and civilisation and hospitable people, and many tourists would like to see and know this country which is still unknown to the tourists. Therefore, a part of the world’s geography with its traditions and attractions will be shown to the viewers.