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Behrouz Sebt Rasoul is born in 1970. He is a successful director & producer in Cinema and TV industries. He founded Nama Film in 2013 . He is now the directing manager of this institute.

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Founded in 2013 as a filmmaking company both in cinema and TV. Based in Tehran, Iran, Nama Film works with a team of highly motivated and experienced professionals with expertise varying from scriptwriters, actors, software editors to scene directors. Over the past years Nama Film has captured domestic and international awards within the movie industry for creating and distributing innovative and original contents in cinema. Working with talent Iranian group combined with a deep understanding of the marketplace and social knowledge. Nama Film has the ability to create short and long movies in a short time and add value to the content it produces.

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Behrouz Sebt Rasoul

Founder of Nama Film

Date of Birth:   July 7, 1970