No Rain Without Bear


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A filmmaker follows the news of attacking a bear cub in a region in Iran. He faces those who hate the wild animals and those who support them, and looks for the bears’ habitat with his crew. He finds out that the absence of the bears and wild animals will destroy the environment and the earth, and there will be no rain without bears. In the end, he finds the bear and after seeing the bear, the weather changes and a heavy rain begins to fall.

Iran is an old country with ancient culture and civilization and hospitable people, and many tourists would like to see and know this country which is still unknown to the tourists. Therefore, a part of the world’s geography with its traditions and attractions will be shown to the viewers.

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Cast & Crew
  • Director: Behrouz Sebt Rasoul
  • Producer:  Behrouz Sebt Rasoul
  • Script Writer: Behrouz Sebt Rasoul
  • Cinematography: Behrouz Sebt Rasoul
  • Assisting Director: Shahram Vosough Hejazi


  • International Relation Manager: Mohammad Ghassemi
  • Music: Amir Shokrabi
  • Edit: Behrouz Sebt Rasoul
  • The film is both in the wildlife genre and has a social and global theme.
  • The film avoids pomposity and the audience is affected by the filmmaker’s experiences.
  • On the second minute of the film, the audience finds out the exact theme of the film and will not be confused.
  • The film’s golden sequence happens on the second minute and after the opening credits, in which the repeated ringing of the mobile of someone who cannot connect with animals causes the wolf to attack him. The making of this sequence is very interesting because it is impossible to predict the wolf’s attack, and the sequence gives meaning to everything we see throughout the film.
  • Referring to the news on the television between the sequences boosts the realistic form of the film.
  • The film consists of three parts. Part one: introduction. Part two: struggles and contradictions. Part three: solution. The timing of these parts is based on the story’s suspension and keeps the audience’s attention.
  • The protagonist filmmaker looks for discovery and solution without any judgement, and the honesty has been maintained throughout the film.
  • The camera movements and mise en scenes have been designed in a way that the audience will not lose the track of the film.
  • The film benefits from a fast and proper rhythm and tempo, and the arrangement of the sequences keeps the audience.
  • The theme of the film is global and understandable to all audiences and inhabitants of the earth.
  • The filmmaker has made this film by enjoying his experience in making his feature film and his success in the festivals.
  • The main theme of the film’s score has been chosen from percussion instruments that are made of soil, because this issue concerns all people on earth.
  • The age group of the audience will be +13, but depending on each country’s laws, it can be shown to elementary school children too.
  • This film was financed personally completely, the shooting took two years, and its editing took 1000 hours.
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